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Traffic Jam 3D


About Traffic Jam 3D

In the realistic driving game Traffic Jam 3D, you must maneuver through a congested motorway. Your objective is to arrive at your location by a specific time. For all of your successful races, you'll receive compensation. You can buy a new vehicle with higher performance and features, or you can update your present vehicle with the money you make. To offer yourself a benefit, don't forget to purchase nitro!

Do you like fast cars and driving challenges? If your answer is yes, come and drive with us in Traffic Jam 3D Race! Challenge yourself and other players from all over the world in this fast-paced, exciting and challenging racing game! In Traffic Jam 3D Race you need to drive your car as fast as you can while avoiding other cars. The road is full of challenges so be prepared to test your skills and reflexes to win! You will have many different opponents on the roads so let’s start the race! 

In Traffic Jam 3D, you are stuck in a traffic jam on your way to work. Use your driving skills to escape the traffic by dodging other cars and trucks while picking up coins and avoiding obstacles. This challenging car game will test your precision and focus! You have only three lives, so don’t crash or you’ll have to start again. 

Driving in a city is a challenge for anyone. You have to be aware of everything around you, stay alert at all times, and remain focused on the road. Otherwise, it’s very easy to hit another car, slam into roadblocks or get stuck in a traffic jam. 

Traffic Jam 3D is an awesome car racing and driving game. Race your car through traffic, drive fast and get to the finish line before time runs out! Avoid crashing into other vehicles or you will have to start again. There are lots of challenging levels in this awesome game. 

Traffic Jam 3D is an awesome car racing game. You need to drive your car and avoid hitting other cars or objects. If you hit them, you'll lose score points. 

How to play

WASD or Arrow keys


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