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Soccer Pro


About Soccer Pro

Soccer Pro Online is a multiplayer first/third-person football game. Your tactics and skills on the field are the only things that matters in this game.

Talking about how Pro Soccer Online is played, the whole game is controlled by what the player does, not by animation like in many other sports games. In this game, the only things that matter are what you do and how well you do it on the field.

It is unlike any other sports game because it has smooth, physics-based controls, competitive and rewarding gameplay, and you don't have to pay to win.

To play: Pick your club and improve it! Move up from the lower league to the upper league after a few hard weeks.

Game features:

  • Input-oriented gameplay
  • Dedicated server
  • Matchmaking
  • Leaderboard and stat tracker
  • Custom corridor

How to play

Using Mouse

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