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Lordz io


About Lordz io is a multiplayer online strategy game where players compete against each other to build and expand their armies, conquer territory, and become the most powerful lord. The main objective of is to dominate the game world by establishing a formidable army and capturing as much territory as possible. Here's a guide on how to play and understand the objectives of

  1. Start the game: Access the website or the appropriate app version to begin playing. Once you're in the game, you'll start with a small army and a basic castle.

  2. Build and expand your army: The core aspect of is building and growing your army. Collect gold coins scattered around the map by killing monsters, capturing territory, or looting other players. Use the gold to recruit various units, including archers, knights, dragons, and more. The more units you have, the stronger your army becomes.

  3. Conquer territory: Expand your influence and capture territory by building and upgrading towers. Towers are essential for protecting your territory and generating gold over time. Place them strategically to defend your lands and prevent other players from invading. Occupy as much territory as possible to increase your power and influence.

  4. Defend your castle: Your castle is the heart of your empire. Protect it at all costs by reinforcing its defenses and placing units around it. Upgrade your castle to unlock new features and increase its durability. A well-defended castle is crucial for maintaining control over your territory and fending off enemy attacks.

  5. Attack and defeat enemies: is a competitive game, and you'll encounter other players seeking dominance. Strategically plan your attacks by scouting enemy territories and identifying weak points. Engage in battles, defeat rival armies, and capture their castles to expand your own empire. Remember to balance offense and defense to maintain control over your lands.

  6. Gather resources: Resources play a vital role in Wood and stones can be collected from trees and rocks respectively, and they are used to upgrade your castle and build additional structures. Resource management is important for maintaining a strong and evolving army.

  7. Join alliances: Form alliances with other players to strengthen your position. Cooperation with other lords can provide strategic advantages and protection against common enemies. Coordinate attacks, share resources, and work together to conquer more territory.

  8. Aim for the leaderboard: The ultimate objective in is to climb the leaderboard and establish yourself as the most powerful lord in the game. Earn points by capturing territory, defeating enemy armies, and acquiring wealth. Strive to improve your ranking and dominate the game world.

Remember, in, strategic planning, resource management, and tactical decision-making are key to achieving success. Build a formidable army, conquer territory, and work your way up the leaderboard to become the most dominant lord in the game. Enjoy the strategic gameplay and the thrill of competition!

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