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Garten Of Banban


About Garten Of Banban

In Garten of Banban, players earn points and progress by cultivating a beautiful garden and accomplishing specific objectives. Here's an overview of how to earn points and advance in the game:

  1. Garden Creation: The primary way to earn points is by creating a visually appealing and well-designed garden. Players must strategically select and place plants, trees, and decorative objects in the garden plots to create a harmonious and captivating landscape. Each placement contributes to the garden's overall beauty and can earn points based on the aesthetics.

  2. Plant Combinations: Certain plant combinations can earn additional points. The game may have specific objectives or preferences for specific types of plants to be adjacent to each other or placed in a particular pattern. By fulfilling these combinations, players can earn extra points.

  3. Attracting Creatures: The garden is home to a variety of magical creatures. Players can earn points by attracting these creatures to their garden through their planting choices. Each creature has its preferences and requirements, and players need to strategically place the right plants and objects to entice them. Attracting rare or elusive creatures can yield higher point rewards.

  4. Overcoming Challenges: Throughout the game, players will encounter challenges such as droughts, pests, or mischievous critters that can damage the garden. Successfully overcoming these obstacles by taking appropriate actions, using tools, or collaborating with other players can earn points.

  5. Secret Objectives: In addition to the main objectives, players may have secret or hidden objectives unique to their role or character. Accomplishing these objectives can provide extra points or rewards, so players must strategize and plan accordingly.

  6. Collaborative Achievements: Garten of Banban is a cooperative game, emphasizing teamwork and collaboration. Players can earn points collectively by achieving specific collaborative goals or milestones. These goals may include reaching a certain garden beauty level or successfully resolving a series of challenges together.

It's important to note that the specific point system and objectives may vary depending on the game version and rules. Players should refer to the rulebook or instructions provided with the game for detailed information on scoring and progression.

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