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EG Super PonGoal


About EG Super PonGoal

EG Super PonGoal is a Pinball style Soccer Game. This game is the most advanced version of the table tennis game. Lots of different game modes and characters for you to choose from.

How to play

To start, you have to click the [Play Game] button. If you want to start over, click "Refresh Games," and if you want to play in full screen, click "Maximize." To save Ngames so you can play them again later, press CTRL + D.

Right now, it is the most advanced version of the game of ping-pong. You can change the ball to any of the options on the menu. You can choose cards to change the level of difficulty of the enemy robots. You can also choose how fast the ball moves and how it spins.


  • On computer: mouse or the arrow keys on keyboard
  • On mobile:  tapping or swiping


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