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Basketball Dunk


About Basketball Dunk

Basketball Dunk is a two-player retro-pixel basketball game. You have the option of playing versus the computer or against a friend. Basketball Dunk is an endless game that challenges yourself to the ultimate levels. There are four game modes: - Classic - Long Shot - Wall

Retro-Pixel visuals are included in the Basketball Slam Dunk game, which supports two players. You can compete against a friend or the machine depending on your preference. Take control of the arm of your basketball player and make him or her hop from side to side in order to slam the ball and rack up points. The winner of the game is determined by who gets to three points first. On keyboarded devices, you can control the game by pressing the "W," "A," "S," and "D" keys, as well as the "ARROW" keys.

Step onto the basketball dunk & shoot court, where you'll compete against other dunkers and try to win dunking games against them. It's a one-on-one basketball game where you have to dodge, dribble, and slam dunk the ball into the basket. It would be a good idea to catch the opposing basketball legends off guard and invite them to some exciting multiplayer matches. Climb the rankings on the scoreboard to a higher position.

You may improve your dunking abilities by practicing with solo dunk and hoops match. To go to the top of the basketball world, you'll need to become a basketball superstar and beat out all the dedicated dunkers. Swipe up till the meter becomes green, then make the shot as hard as you can.

How to play

  • Throw ball: player 1 use W and player 2 use up arrow
  • Move left: player 1 use A and player 2 use left arrow
  • Move right: player 1 use D and player 2 use right arrow

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